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About Us

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Endri & Tanya


Welcome to Coffee Insurrection! We’re Tanya and Endri, originally from but citizens of the world. As specialty coffee lovers and travel addicts, we bring a unique blend of experiences to our platform. At this moment, we're an unemployed barista and an unemployed chef—both turning our passions into new beginnings. The COVID-19 pandemic gave us the time and motivation to finally kickstart this long-dreamed project.

Why Is This An Insurrection?

The State of Coffee Today

Let's be honest: the world is flooded with bad coffee. Burned espressos, watery americanos, and sugary concoctions that hardly resemble coffee. It's a common frustration among coffee enthusiasts.

The Third Wave of Coffee

But, there's hope on the horizon. Thanks to the "Third Wave of Coffee" and a growing appreciation for quality products and single origins, great coffee is becoming more accessible. This movement emphasizes high-quality beans, precise brewing techniques, and a deeper connection between the consumer and the coffee producer.

The Coffee Insurrection Movement

We are witnessing a true "Coffee Insurrection." More people are discovering the joy of well-crafted coffee, and we're here to support and celebrate this positive change in coffee culture.

Our Purpose
Strengthening the Coffee Tribe

Our goal is simple: to strengthen our beloved "Coffee Tribe" community. We want this virtual space to be your go-to resource for all things specialty coffee. From discovering the best cafés and roasteries around the world to sharing marvelous Aeropress recipes and insightful interviews with top baristas, we aim to cover it all. Your suggestions are invaluable in this journey.

Resources and Content

  • On our platform, you'll find:
  • Reviews of the best cafés and roasteries globally
  • Recipes for brewing the perfect cup of coffee
  • Interviews with leading baristas and coffee experts
  • Tips and insights on specialty coffee

We believe in the power of community and welcome your input to keep our content fresh and diverse.

Meet the Team
Tanya Nanetti

Tanya is not just a coffee enthusiast but also a prolific coffee writer for renowned magazines like Standart and Barista Magazine. She is a certified coffee trainer and coach for Barista Hustle and offers her expertise as a coffee consultant. Tanya's deep knowledge and passion for coffee shine through in every article she writes and every training session she conducts.

Endri Nonaj

Endri brings a wealth of experience in digital spaces as an SEO manager and web designer, ensuring our platform is both user-friendly and easy to find. His technical skills complement his passion for coffee, making Coffee Insurrection a seamless blend of quality content and functionality.

How To Help Us

Community Contributions

This isn't just our website—it's our coffee tribe’s website. We need your input! Have you discovered a cool specialty coffee shop or a new roastery? Have some great photos from your latest coffee adventure? Want to share your favorite recipe or review an amazing coffee? Send us an email or message. Your contributions keep our community vibrant and diverse.

Contact Information

Feel free to reach out with your discoveries, photos, and recipes. Your contributions are essential to making Coffee Insurrection a comprehensive resource for coffee lovers.


Ongoing Development

We are a work in progress. Everything on this website, and our Facebook, Instagram, and other social pages, is shaped by our travels, knowledge, and your suggestions. While we strive for accuracy, mistakes like wrong addresses, misspelled names, and typos might slip through. We apologize in advance for any errors.

Photo Use Policy

For photos, we use our own, those you share with us, and some sourced from the web when necessary. In all cases, the copyright of the photographs remains with the original author.


Invitation to Join the Journey

Join us in our coffee journey and let's brew a better world together! Whether you're a coffee novice or a seasoned aficionado, Coffee Insurrection is here to inspire and connect. Together, we can celebrate the rich and diverse world of specialty coffee.
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