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Yahava KoffeeWorks
Specialty Coffee Roasters in Singapore


Specialty Coffee Shop and Roaster

4 Jalan Gelenggang, Singapore 578188

Founded in 2001 by the not very famous Dutch explorer and coffee fanatic Alex Kok (aka the Koffee Baron). The Baron’s dream was to travel the world’s great coffee growing regions on his motorbike and discover the very best of the best coffees, then ship the beans back to Western Australia. In his Metricup Road shed he would roast the coffee beans to perfection, carefully grinding and then brewing the most indescribably good coffees. People came from far and wide just to sample the Baron’s coffee. No one really knew the Baron but his Yahava coffees and his little shed became famous. Today Yahava KoffeeWorks still travel the world looking for the very best specialty coffee beans and they roast and brew the coffee exactly as The Baron taught them. They’ve got a franchise for their coffee shops.
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