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Wide Awake Coffee

Specialty Coffee Roasters in Brussels
Specialty Coffee Roasters

Rue de Flandre 185 Brussels, Belgium
Wide Awake was founded in 2019 by Rutger & Senina after a chance encounter in London. Bonding over coffee, music and a love for the wonderful chaos that is Brussels, Wide Awake was born as a passion project. From the start they set out to create a positive impact business that would fuel independent cafés and coffee enthusiasts with unpretentious high
quality coffee. They wanted to make specialty coffee inclusive and bring it to a wider audience. They believe their work is only meaningful if it has a positive impact, locally and at origin. Their coffee is being served in some of the best coffee bars and restaurants in Brussels and beyond, and in many small creative offices. Our Atelier at Rue de Flandre 185 is the heart of all their activities. It houses the roastery, quality control lab, warehouse, training space and office. It’s a beautiful space with a homely buzzing vibe, designed and built by local Brussels craftspeople. The shop in the Atelier is open every Thursday-Saturday (11h-17h).

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