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Unleashed Coffee

Specialty Coffee Roasters in Vacaville
Specialty Coffee Roaster

Vacaville, CA
Together with the farmers, they control and preserve the coffee’s quality from inception to indulgence, from farm to cup. They work with consumers and with coffee experts in the San Francisco Bay Area to provide feedback to the growers to help improve the farming processes, and they are excited to unleash their newest coffees with each year’s harvest. Kelly Abbott, an SCA-trained Coffee Professional, is the new Owner, Roaster, & CEO of Unleashed Coffee. As a K-12 teacher for more than 20 years, she’s been a long time coffee enthusiast. A few years ago, Kelly made a career decision to transition from teaching to the coffee industry, and went from full-time teaching to learning the coffee trade and building up her roasting skills. The more she learned about the industry and the injustices borne by many farmers, the more she knew she wanted make a difference in the industry. Offering high quality, sustainable specialty grade coffee at a fair price to customers and the farmers who grow it is her passion.
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