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Sey Coffee
Specialty Coffee Roasters in NYC
Specialty Coffee Shop and Roaster

18 Grattan Street, Brooklyn, NY 11206
The guys behind this roastery are intensely interested in reimagining, both technologically and logistically, everything they have come to know about coffee. They are inspired by the boundlessness of possibility, and allow themselves the freedom to work with whatever coffees they find inspiring, no matter how high the cost or how small the lot. They intimately understand that they are only as good as the raw coffees they work with, and the majority of that burden is carried by the individuals who produce their coffees. They work closely with their partners to steadily reinvest and improve upon the work they are doing at origin. They believe that informed consumers are essential to ensuring the sustainability of the specialty coffee industry. For them, a delicious cup of coffee relies on a multitude of intimately connected pieces that make up the whole of their supply chain. They are committed to holistically improving the well-being growers, team, and customers.

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