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Refugio Café
specialty coffee in Berlin
Specialty Coffee Shop

Lenaustraße 4, 12047 Berlin, Germany

People who are looking for a new home and a new life have been living and working in Refugio Berlin since summer 2015. Refugio is a project of the Berlin City Mission, and it’s where new and old Berliners live and work together. Coffee is refreshing and stimulating, this is what they recognized very fast and focused
on. The Refugio Café is part of a bigger community - the Refugio Berlin. The café is a platform for chatting, exchange, getting to know new people and the projects in the house.The team consists of full-time staff and many volunteers who spend their time at Refugio in order to enrich and support the project. They try out their barista skills, practice and develop them further. Everyone learn a lot from each other: Service, Latte Art, Coffee Art, baking cake, speaking German. By entering the Refugio, you meet all these lovely people. They trust in the integrative power of specialty coffee that they receive and get in Kreuzberg.
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