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Orioli Coffee Roasters
Specialty Coffee in Lisbon

Rua dos Lusíadas 55 A, Lisbon

Orioli Coffee Roasters is more than just a destination for coffee; it is a tribute to the essence of coffee. They hold the product and its rich history in high regard, meticulously curating every step of the process, seeking quality and embracing sustainability. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in the rigorous analysis of each batch of coffee, following the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) protocol.

Using the art and science of roasting, they create tailored roast profiles for each batch of specialty coffee. Their artisanal approach involves the use of dedicated roasters, supplemented by state-of-the-art software to monitor and document the development of each profile. Quality control is paramount, with sensory analysis conducted in our laboratory to ensure consistency and excellence.

Their coffees are a testament to the dedication and passion of the Orioli family and embody the unique terroir of the Chapada dos Veadeiros region in GO. Expect a remarkable cup profile with intense sweetness, balanced acidity, a full-bodied experience, and a rewarding, long-lasting aftertaste.
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