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OM Roastery - Caffetteria Gourmet

Specialty Coffee Roasters made in Poggio Mirteto
Specialty Coffee Shop and Roasters

Viale Giuseppe De Vito, 02047 Poggio Mirteto RI, Latium, Italy

“Being the link between those who see the product grow and those who make that product a moment of conviviality, of pleasure, of joy, of being together. Being the 'storyteller' of the minds that think it. Of the hands that work it. Of the families who live there. Being OM.
A sound. The sound of creation. The sound that brings back to rediscover facts of the same material. Land. There is a story behind every product. To tell. To be respected. To share. Coffee. Chocolate. Tea. Encouraging Direct Relationships.”
This is more than just a roastery: is a way of helping projects around the world.
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