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Lot Zero • Coffee Studio 7Gr.
Specialty Coffee Roasters made in Milan
Specialty Coffee Shop and Roasters

Via Valparaiso n. 9 20144 Milan, Italy

Artisan roasted by Chiara Bergonzi, one of the most authoritative people in the specialty coffee community worldwide. Authorized SCA
trainer and judge for the international competitions of the WCE (World Of Coffee Events), she deals with the selection of green beans and the delicate artisan roasting process by which she is able to enhance their precious organoleptic profile, transforming them into extraordinary coffees for sweetness, acidity and aromatic complexity. The roastery offers also SCA trainings and the “Coffee Studio”, a specialist shop born with the purpose to tell the hidden secrets behind the fascinating world of coffee, in a social space; from plant cultivation to extraction methods.
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