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Little Waves Coffee
Specialty Coffee Roasters in Durham
Specialty Coffee Shop and Roaster

420 West Geer Street, Durham, NC 27701 (Cocoa Cinnamon)

2627 Hillsborough Road, Durham, NC 27705 (Cocoa Cinnamon)

2013 Chapel Hill Road, Durham, NC 27707 (Roastery & Cocoa Cinnamon)
Little Waves Coffee Roasters is an impact-driven group of thinkers, dreamers, and doers who delight in the enduring power of coffee as a shared experience. By making small, determined reverberations through sourcing, roasting, and brewing, they add their open-hearted energy to the tides that unconceal and uphold the beauty of specialty coffee and life. They are small and independently owned and operated, quality, service, and heart-driven, Latina co-owned, women-forward, and their team is comprised of people of different cultures, genders, languages, faiths, and beliefs. With every decision they make, they work to honor people, places, cultures, and histories. They name their roasts and drinks after places that inspire wonder, have cultural significance, and after people and places that they love. They strive for sustainability in everything they do from relationship to energy usage. Cocoa Cinnamon, the coffee shop, is a place for people to enjoy carefully crafted drinks and locally made desserts in a comfortable and engaging Durham setting.
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