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Harmony Coffee Roasters
Specialty Coffee Roasters in Barcelona
Specialty Coffee Roasters

Harmony Coffee Roasters is a specialty coffee roasters based in Barcelona. Agatha and Dani, are a couple who are passionate about specialty coffee. Dani is the roaster and the thinking head of what you find inside each Harmony bag; while Agatha is the one who runs social networks, photographs and the web. The passion they have towards the world of specialty coffee was the reason why they wanted to undertake their project as roasters, so they got a small roasting machine and started by practicing a lot, learning from each roast and trying to improve on the next. Neither of them knew about social networks beyond posting photos on Instagram, nor did they have a notion of websites or marketing. They have been studying as they go, since what they really consider important is the result in your cups. They want to give value and the importance it deserves to good coffee, and then little by little, the rest will follow.
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