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Foggy Hills Coffee Company
Specialty Coffee Roasters in San Francisco
Specialty Coffee Roaster

Foggy Hills Coffee Co is a small, family-run coffee roasting company from Northern California. Like most bay area start-ups, they come from humble beginningstheir earliest roasting efforts took place out of their garage in the foggy hills of Kensington, California. As they’ve grown, they’ve moved to roasting beans on commercial machines at a local coffee roasting facility in West Berkeley.
This has allowed them to increase their output while achieving precise and consistent roasts that coax the best flavor profiles and aromas from every batch. They pride themselves on selecting only the highest quality, specialty coffee sourced from farms that incorporate environmentally friendly practices. They strive to not only provide quality coffee to their customers, but to also provide insight and transparency into every step of the process from farm to cup. In addition to their signature blends and seasonal single origin roasts, they work directly with their customers to offer custom roasts to meet their specific needs.
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