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Familia Osorio Puro Café
Specialty Coffee Roasters made in Barcelona
Specialty Coffee Shop and Roaster

C. del Dr. Trueta, 149 (C. de Badajoz),08005 Barcellona Catalogna (Roastery)

Passatge de Padró, 13, 08242 Manresa, Barcelona (Coffee Shop)

They are the Osorio Family:  born coffee growers, just like their parents, they will die coffee growers, just like their grandparents. And they are proud of it. They come from Colombia, and they are committed to their culture, their traditions and to each of the farmers they live and work on the farm that gave them birth. They are coffee growers by conviction and each origin that they offer is a sample of the work and passion of a family to obtain the best coffee beans.

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