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Chromatic Coffee
Specialty Coffee Roasters in San José
Specialty Coffee Shop and Roaster

460 Lincoln Ave,  Suite 10, San Jose, CA 95126

Named Metro's best new coffee roaster in 2013, Chromatic Coffee can be found in a variety of cafes and specialty grocery shops across the wider Bay Area and Pacific Northwest, and proudly fueling innovation behind the scenes at many of the top tech companies in the world.
Their aesthetic leans light and lively, with roasting profiles carefully designed to showcase the natural beauty and complexity in each variety and cultivar they select. The team culture is plucky, inclusive, and DIY. They source carefully and locally when possible, they hot-stamp and pack their own bags and maintain their own machines. They constantly seek new innovations (notably, their Radio series, fine-tuned to the specific makeup of the local water supplies) and ways to contribute to their community. They're proud of the relationships they've built and continue to build with their producers in Central and South America, Yemen, Ethiopia, and elsewhere. They seek to create a more just world through trade, not aid. They seek to honor, promote and elevate those voices that go unheard and unrecognized. They seek to collaborate with the entire coffee community worldwide to raise the public's standards of how coffee is produced, traded, and consumed.
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