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Cairngorm Coffee
Specialty Coffee Shop in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK

Cairngorm Coffee - 41A Frederick St, Edinburgh EH2 1EP, UK

Cairngorm Coffee - 1 Melville Pl, Edinburgh EH3 7PR, UK

Their story started in 2013 when a conversation in the Cairngorm National Park led to the dream of starting a quality focused coffee shop in Scotland's capital city. An ensuing trip to Edinburgh to visit an empty sandwich shop on Frederick St paved the future for Cairngorm Coffee as we know it now. Robi Lambie, “part of the shops furniture ever since”, in his time tagging along in the Scottish coffee scene he did a bunch of cool stuff; from roasting coffee for, and judging the Scottish Aeropress Championships, to being part of a team to launch the currently on hiatus 'Barista Wars'. There's nothing he loves more than to build a community around what they do and he thinks this is something that has been at the core of their business since day one.
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