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Caballo Rojo Coffee
Specialty Coffee Roasters in Durham
Specialty Coffee Roasters

126 W Main St, Durham, NC 27704 (Roastery)
Caballo Rojo Coffee is a Latina owned specialty coffee roasting company that focuses on creating nice coffee and having positive community impact. They believe that each decision made as a company should be founded in the idea that every life has infinite value. Caballo Rojo is deeply rooted in Gabi's (Gabriela Kavanaugh, owner and head roaster) Latin American heritage. In Venezuela in the late 60's Gabi's grandfather started his own roasting company which grew into a coffee empire. The name of his roastery was Caballo Rojo and he used this company to provide for his six children while investing in his community. He created jobs, connected with farmers and implemented the values of giving back and working with excellence. However with his unexpected death at a young age the coffee company was soon taken over by investors and things changed for the family. The effects of his of company didn't stop there, but lead to a passion that would continue for generations. The personal connection to coffee has always been a part of Gabi's life via her mother's influence. Gabi's love for coffee grew when she learned about the people behind the process of farm to cup. Her passion for business (and the concepts of direct trade) was coupled with her studies of Latin American, and when in college she started Caballo Rojo Coffee as a means of telling the story of individual farmers who are part of coffee production, dedicating her company to make a difference in the world.
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