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Bugan Coffee Lab
Specialty Coffee Roasters in Bergamo
Specialty Coffee Roasters

Via Giacomo Quarenghi 32, Bergamo

Via Bartolomeo Colleoni 18, (Bergamo Città Alta)

Bugan Coffee Lab is a miniature artisan coffee roaster, a coffee academy (SCA classes for basic and advanced baristas), two coffee shops with a counter reserved for all the new extraction techniques, where customers, in addition to tasting espresso, can indulge themselves in tasting specialty coffee. Bugan Coffee Lab is also a tasting room, where professionals and enthusiasts can taste endless single origins of coffee brought in from all over the world and learn innovative extraction techniques imported from northern Europe, such as: Filter coffee, Aeropress, Dripper V60, Cold brew, Chemex, Siphon and Clever dripper.  

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