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Brandywine Coffee Roasters
Specialty Coffee Roasters in Wilmington, DE
Specialty Coffee Shop and Roaster

1400 N. Dupont St., Wilmington, DE 19806
Brandywine Coffee Roasters was founded on a little spell: Creativity, Kindness, and Coffee. The same little spell is the way they like to start the day with around their roasting and printing operation hidden away in Wilmington, Delaware, right outside of the Brandywine Valley. They aim to deliver a small bit of all of the above, plus a little wonder and joy with each screen printed bag of specialty coffee that is sent out to the multiverse. All of their hand printed packages are filled with coffee intentionally, kindly, and responsibly sourced / roasted by their wonderful team of coffee mystics. Each hand printed bag features a custom illustration from the weirdly wonderful mind and hand of local Delaware artist Todd Purse. This helps emphasize that each coffee they release is itself a work of art living with in another work of art. Coffee art inside of coffee art... meta-coffee art! Their motto? “Drink coffee, create and BE KIND!”
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