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Boot Koffie
Specialty Coffee Roasters in Baarn, Netherlands

Boot Koffie - Laanstraat 49, 3741 BB Baarn, The Netherlands

Discover BOOT Koffie: Where Tradition Meets Excellence, From Farm to Cup

Since its establishment in 1973, BOOT Koffie has remained dedicated to crafting exceptional coffees, ensuring only the highest quality reaches each cup. With a passion for excellence and a commitment to craftsmanship, BOOT Koffie strives to enchant coffee enthusiasts with the rich taste and inviting aroma of traditionally roasted coffee.

But BOOT Koffie's dedication extends beyond the cup. Firm believers in fair trade practices, they prioritize direct relationships with coffee farmers, ensuring they receive 30% to 50% more than standard Fair Trade prices. Through Direct Trade partnerships, BOOT Koffie fosters long-term connections and works collaboratively with farmers to enhance living standards and promote sustainable agriculture.
Personal connection lies at the heart of BOOT Koffie's ethos. By carefully selecting their own plantations and maintaining direct communication with farmers, they ensure transparency and integrity throughout the supply chain. This commitment is reflected in prominently displaying farmers' names on their coffee labels, reinforcing their dedication to traceability and accountability.

Sustainability is a cornerstone of BOOT Koffie's philosophy. While the majority of their coffees are organic, they also support non-certified farmers who adhere to natural and organic farming methods, prioritizing quality and taste above all else. Their team comprises passionate coffee aficionados and industry experts, united in their mission to uphold BOOT Koffie's legacy of excellence.
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