Coffee Subscription I The Right Roast

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Coffee Insurrection
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Coffee Subscription I The Right Roast

Coffee Insurrection
A short foreword, before starting.
Until a while ago, we always bought our specialty coffee directly from the roasters, one “big” order at a time, every time a different roaster. Or, even better, we bought beans travelling (and let’s be honest… we really hope to get back to do it pretty soon!)
We never had the idea to buy from one of the many coffee subscription, until recently.
Building our small Coffee Insurrection project, we started to focus always more on the community behind the specialty coffee scene, and we started to consider that, while trying some of these subscriptions, maybe we can help even more the community.
After all, often is a way of knowing new roasters (maybe from far away), discover new countries of origins, be part of something different.
And that’s why we decide to try, one subscription at a time.

We decided to start this adventure with the “Taster Set” of The Right Roast.
We had followed Tim & Aiko (the couple behind The Right Roast) for a while, and we were really curious about their Coffee Club.
Not only for the coffee, but also for the experience.
But first thing first: why choose the August subscription?
Because it was the “Asia Edition”, and it included coffees from China and Thailand (both countries completely new for us) and from Indonesia (already tried various times, but we still remember that awesome Natural Bali from the Kintamani region tried so long ago).
Plus, we never tried any of the roasters included in the box…
A perfect start, what do you think?

Except that we didn’t consider the extremely long and extremely complicate delivery services here in Portugal, that left us waiting for the box for so long… but in the end, we finally managed to put our hands on the box, and we eagerly unpacked it.

The Taster Set (22£) is a thin long box, white and stylish, and it includes:
- the four bags of coffee (50grams each),
- a super colored cool sticker (with the motto Light Roast is the Right Roast)
- an Aeropress Champion Recipe
- an “introductory” card that resume the reasons behind the current edition
- a tasting card (to use during the live cupping session, that we’ve sadly missed because at that time our box was still “prisoner” of the Portuguese mail service)
- a nice message from Tim and Aiko
 Specialty Coffee

The coffee bags are numbered, but (having anyway already missed the live cupping) we obviously decided to start drinking the coffee… just the way we wanted.

#4 Chiang Rai, from Thailand, roasted in Belgium by (a roaster specialized in specialty coffee from Asia) was our starting point. As I already said it was our first coffee from Thailand ever, a natural microlot processed. As always we extracted it with our “classic” Aeropress recipe and the resulting cup was super sweet, with tropical fruits flavors and a hint of spices coming out while the coffee started to cool down a little bit.

#1 Buntu Ledo, from Sulawesi (Indonesia) roasted in Amsterdam by and #3 Blaufaya, from Java (again, Indonesia) roasted in Barcelona by were our second step. We were curious to compare the two coffees from Indonesia, and being the two of us and having two Aeropress… why not?! Buntu Ledo, a honey process, produced a cup with predominant notes of tropical fruits, a tiny bit of spice, and the characteristic honey-processed sweetness. On the other hand, Blaufaya (an anaerobic fermentation with 4-6 days in bags with water, followed by the drying in African beds), gave the cup an extreme sweetness, with a creamy mouthfeel and floral notes. As usually, Endri and me choose as “the favorite” a different coffee. The sweetness of the Blaufaya got his vote, while the tropical notes of the Buntu Ledo got mine.

#2 Last but not least, we (figuratively speaking) went to South Yunnan (China) thanks to the beans roasted by (Edinburgh). The guys at Common Coffee divide their coffees in four categories, depending on the “style” of the roasting: strong, sweet, bright and complex. This China is a complex one for sure: just a rollercoaster of flavors, that delight you without losing is “simplicity”.

Final thought?
For sure we really enjoy our first coffee subscriptions. All coffees were light roast (as we tend to prefer), we discovered four new roasters we never tried before, the 50 grams bags were always a little bit more than 50 grams (perfect for three cups each bags, following our “normal” recipe), the coffee flavours were quite different from each other so we could drink something different every day.
Talking about “extras”, all the videos in the website are really interesting and, even if we couldn’t attend the live cupping session (and again, not for The Right Roast’s fault but just for a delivery problem… that can happens every time, with every coffee), we could check the video later online, learning a lot more about these amazing coffees.

If you wanna know more about The Right Roast, and their new Taster Sets, check their website


And enjoy it like we did!

Specialty Coffee

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