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80plus Specialty Coffee Roastery
Specialty Coffee Roasters made in Barcelona
Specialty Coffee Shop and Roaster

80plus Specialty Coffee Roastery - Carrer Verneda del Congost, 7, 08160 Montmeló, Spain

80plus Specialty Coffee Studio - Via Laietana 36, Ático, 08003 Barcelona, Spain

80plus has been roasting specialty coffee in Barcelona since 2016: they’re inspired by the world of Gastronomy and Catalonia is the perfect place to find this fusion of traditional, contemporary and innovative nuances. Their goal is to open the world of Specialty Coffee to people who love Gastronomy, who love good food and wine and are curious to discover new horizons of flavour. They want to give it a new Cultural and Gastronomic meaning. Their objective is to help people move on from commercial to specialty which means traceability, sustainability and a completely different appreciation of the sensory qualities of a coffee.
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